Jamie Foxx’s Donald Trump Impersonation Is Worth Every Second Of Your Time

We’ve all seen our fair share of Donald Trump impressions, but Jamie Foxx might’ve just taken the cake. Foxx appeared on the Rap Radar Podcast with Snoop Dogg to promote their new action-comedy vampire movie, Day Shift, which is out now on Netflix. And in the midst of it all, Jamie Foxx might’ve just given Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson’s Donald Trump impression a run for it’s money.

“I love Snoop D-O Double-G. Great person,” Foxx said in his Trump voice. Then host Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller asked him if he loves Death Row Records and Foxx just went off and nailed Trump’s hip-hop wannabe-isms: “I love Death Row Records. I love Death Ro…” and as co-host Elliott Wilson started laughing, Foxx says, “Excuse Me. Excuse me, fake news. I love Death Row.” And added that his favorite Death Row record is, “All of them.”

If you close your eyes while listening to Jamie Foxx doing the bit, it’s pretty eerie how much he really sounds like Donald Trump. Foxx eventually can’t help himself and starts laughing at how ridiculous he sounds saying the exact things that Trump would say, like “They tried to give me the virus” and “I beat the virus.” Just another day in America y’all.