Jamila Woods Gets Soulful While Looking For Love On Her New Song ‘Eartha’

Jamila Woods has already paid tribute to poet Nikki Giovanni in the 2018 song “Giovanni” and announced her upcoming album Legacy! Legacy!; now she’s decided to show some love to Eartha Kitt in a new video simply called “Eartha.” The entire video, shot in black-and-white, speaks to the mansplaining, unfaithful, and ultimately undeserving men around the world. The album was directed by Woods’ best friend Fatima Asghar and she had plenty to say about the purpose of the song and video, both.

“Jamila’s song “Eartha” pays homage to Eartha Kitt’s defiant spirit, and her refusal to compromise in a world that is always trying to constrict women and femmes,” Asghar started. “In the production, we wanted to reference iconic images of Eartha Kitt and embody her energy to create a celebration of unapologetic femininity and sisterhood, as well as play on and challenge the ways that women have been historically portrayed in cinema by going for an old-school film vibe. As Eartha taught us, being feminine isn’t just one thing — it’s an incredible range. That energy permeates the video.”

The aesthetics of the video take mystical scenarios (Batman and Batwoman), workplace scenarios (two men arguing over a simple idea) and even a romantic scenario, and use them to expose different women being routinely undervalued and under-appreciated. While asking who’s going to share her love, Jamila makes sure to be specific that it has to match the love that she has for herself, first. This is a major part of why Eartha Kitt’s legacy will remain eternal — she was a major advocate for ensuring that women got everything they deserved. While showing that women can be a part of any industry a man can, the video also shows that they can handle it with more grace and professionalism, too. Check it out above.

The song will be on the album Legacy! Legacy, which is set to be released on May 10. The album features other artists such as Saba, Nico Segal, theMIND, Jasminfire, and Nitty Scott. You can pre-order the album on all streaming services here.