Janelle Monáe’s Mom’s First Question After Seeing The NSFW ‘Lipstick Lover’ Video Was About The ‘Nude Booty’ In It

Yesterday (May 14) was Mother’s Day, and late last night, Janelle Monáe shined a light on her mom, specifically on her reaction to the NSFW “Lipstick Lover” video that has taken over the internet in recent days.

In a video shot the day before the “Lipstick Lover” video release, Monáe is on a video call with their mother, showing her the clip. After it ended, her mother reacted, “Oh-ho… that’s cool. Only thing, though: Are you gonna be able to show that nude booty all the time on the… like, on the YouTube?” Monáe responded, “Yeah, they said we could!”

Monáe then asked if her mom had any last-minute thoughts on the video before its release, and she responded, “Well, would be nice if you had a man’s butt up there.” She added, “It’s a nice song. If people don’t get hysterical about the booty so bad, if they just listen to the lyrics of the song, it gonna go triple.” Monáe asked what she meant by “triple” and after trying to find the right words, their mother said, “Triple golden.”

Wrapping up the convo, Monáe asked if her mom enjoyed the video and she replied, “Yeah. I just was hoping that big booty go away for a second.”

It’s a delightful video, so check it out above.

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