Jay Rock And Reason Hint At The Possibility Of A TDE Collab Album

It looks like a TDE collab album may be in the works, judging from Jay Rock and Reason‘s social media accounts. First, on Monday, TDE member Reason tweeted a cryptic post from his Twitter account.

“The whole gang in one studio for the next month,” Reason tweeted, with two accompanying emojis.

Without context, which is almost never provided online, Reason’s tweet could mean a lot of things. What has hip-hop fans thinking Reason’s tweet alludes to a TDE collab album is what happened next. Wednesday, fellow TDE member Jay Rock one-upped Reason’s tweet with an Instagram post from his account with three pictures of himself in the studio.

“Something brewing(,) that’s all,” Jay Rock said in his Instagram caption, followed with the hashtag TDE.


Based on Reason and Jay Rock’s social media posts, it’s possible that TDE is coming together for a collab album to rival Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation album. However, it’s also possible that Jay Rock is working on his next solo album, while Reason’s tweet has no mention of TDE in the post to connect it to Jay Rock’s. That said, Reason’s song “High Hopes” was the last upload on TDE’s YouTube channel last month.