A Jay-Z Fan Tried Getting Him To Sign A Bootleg Record But The Rapper Was Clearly Not Feeling It

Business mogul Jay-Z has come a long way since his debut in the music game in 1996. Although the Grammy-award-winning rapper has made several guest appearances on records like DJ Khaled’s “God Did,” these days, the father of three has paid a lot more attention to his investments outside of music.

With two significant deals on the table, including the potential purchase of the NFL team, the Washington Commanders, and the plans to open a casino in Times Square, his passion for music remains strong.

The Hollywood Fix captured footage of the entrepreneur leaving the Roc Nation office in the Chelsea section of New York. As he exits the building, eager fan line up for the chance to meet the mogul. While one fan began rapping in the hopes of sparking the emcee’s attention, others prop up vinyl copies of the rapper’s album requesting his autograph.

After signing the outside covers of the vinyl pressing of his albums, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, Vol. 3… Life and Times Of S. Carter, The Blueprint, and The Black Album, Jay-Z quickly noticed one record that didn’t belong to him.

The record in question, The Black Album Revisited. The album is produced by the Japanese record label, Big Ghost Ltd, and is not an official release of Jay-Z’s. The rapper refused to sign the unauthorized record after saying, “That one ain’t even real.”

Watch the full video above.