Jenny Lewis Brought Classic Rock To ‘Kimmel’ By Performing Two Songs From Her New Album

As Uproxx’s Steven Hyden pointed out in his review of Jenny Lewis’ new album On The Line, which was released today, the record is a real classic rock triumph. That’s exhibited through two of the album’s highlights: “Red Bull & Hennessy” has pure ’70s rock blood running through its veins, while “Wasted Youth” is a vintage singer-songwriter track with an infectious singalong hook. Last night, Lewis celebrated the then-impending release of the album by performing those two songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

As expected, “Red Bull & Hennessy” absolutely takes off live, especially when it comes time for that guitar solo. Also unsurprisingly, that jaunty “Wasted Youth” chorus is delightful on stage.

In case you’re not sure what Lewis is saying in that chorus, it’s not “puppy,” as you might be hearing (it’s “poppy”). That misinterpretation was apparently happening often enough that Lewis addressed it on Twitter, which resulted in a delightful wave of dog photos hitting Lewis’ feed.

Watch Lewis perform “Red Bull & Hennessy” and “Wasted Youth” above, and read our review of On The Line here.

On The Line is out now via Warner Bros. Get it here.

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