JID’s Deranged Fan Forces Him To Rap For His Life In The ‘Misery’-Inspired ‘151 Rum’ Video

Cinephile JID strikes again in his latest classic film-inspired video from DiCaprio 2. Building on his habit of reproducing his favorite movie plots and scenes last seen in his video for “Off Da Zoinkys,” his video for “151 Rum” finds him standing in for James Caan in a rap version of Misery.

The Annie Wilkes role here is switched to a deranged rap fan who keeps JID chained up in his living room/makeshift studio, spraying him down with a water hose and forcing him to write and record high speed rhymes for the fan’s own entertainment. In a departure from the original film — 30 year old spoiler alert, I guess — JID is the one who breaks his own leg in order to slip the chain and makes a mad dash for freedom out the front the door.

JID’s film buff bonafides are pretty solid at this point: Aside from naming his well-received 2018 mixtape after his favorite, “underrated” actor, JID’s “Off Da Zoinkys” cast Baby Driver‘s Ansel Elgort in a long, shot-for-shot remake of the intro of The Long Goodbye. The Dreamville rapper has also taken to use cardboard standees of some of his other favorite actors as stage props on his Catch Me If You Can Tour. It’s enough to make one look forward to what classic movies he’ll reference next.

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