J.I.D. Trades A Dizzying Array Of Rapid-Fire Bars With J. Cole In His ‘DiCaprio 2’ Single, ‘Off Deez’

J.I.D., the Dreamville rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, trades rapid-fire bars with his label boss J. Cole in the second single from his upcoming mixtape, “Off Deez.” The two Dreamville MCs snap over jittery production from St. Louis beatmaker ChaseTheMoney, the up-and-coming producer who’s been making his name on beats from Blocboy JB, Chance The Rapper, Lil Yachty, and Valee.

While J.I.D. switches flows like a superhero trading identities, J. Cole plays anchor, starting with his usual measured delivery and kicking into high gear for the back half of his verse, flossing his trademark wordplay with punchlines like, “Perfect time to pop up / Wet you like the hot tub /Clean up Aisle 7, damn somebody gettin’ mopped up.” J.I.D is no slouch himself, putting together a hyperspeed performance with a dizzying, elaborate cadence that may require multiple listens to catch up on.

J.I.D.’s mixtape, DiCaprio 2 is the follow-up to 2017’s The Never Story and the spiritual successor his January 2015 EP DiCaprio. The first single, “151 Rum,” landed in September, while the tape itself is due out in a couple of weeks, on November 16. It’s J.I.D’s first project since appearing on the XXL Freshman cover, putting extra significance on his comeup. They’re both due to perform at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival in early 2019.