JID Sampled Audio Taken From His Grandmother’s Funeral For His Song, ‘Kody Blu 31’: ‘It’s A Big Moment’

Earlier today, JID dropped the video for “Kody Blu 31,” a cut from his new album, The Forever Story. In the video, JID is seen with his family packing up a house, enjoying lunch outdoors, and taking a family portrait.

The song itself is equally as personal. In an interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 Radio, JID revealed that he sampled audio of his father singing at his grandmother’s funeral, and his mother chanting.

“The way it starts is actually at my grandma’s funeral,” J.I.D said. “I have the actual footage. I’m sitting there crying, holding the phone, recording this, because I know it’s a big moment. A couple years before that, we lost my other grandma on my mother’s side. This is my dad’s mother we lost. Recording this, my dad is singing his heart out on this recording.”

JID continued, breaking down the song’s intro, explaining “At the beginning of the song, if you listen to it, the first 15, 20 seconds, you could hear my whole family singing. You could hear my momma say, ‘Thank you, Lord.’”

You can watch the video for “Kody Blu 31” here.

The Forever Story is out now via Dreamville and Interscope. Stream it here.