JID Explains Why He Turned Down A ‘Disgusting’ Record Deal From Another Atlanta Rapper’s Label

JID, whose third Dreamville album The Forever Story has become a sleeper hit since its release in August, has been much more visible of late than he was before the project’s release. In a prior interview this year, though, he talked about how his career could have gone in a different direction with a deal from Quality Control instead of Dreamville. And while it’s fun to imagine that alternate branch of the hip-hop multiverse, it turns out that JID was in higher demand than previously suspected, giving us even more possibilities to contemplate.

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, JID explained why he turned down another, “disgusting” deal from another Atlanta-based label, which was fronted by one of the city’s own rap royals. “Me and EarthGang was about to sign -– not ’bout to, we was not about to do it once we saw the deal –- we got offered a deal from Rich Homie Quan,” he recalled. “I don’t even remember specifically, but … straight crack sandwiches.” However, he clarified that all the communication was with representatives of the label, not Rich Home Quan himself. Ultimately, though, both he and Earthgang signed with Dreamville and it’s paid off so far.

Watch JID’s full interview with The Breakfast Club above.