Jim Carrey Heard The Weeknd’s Upcoming Album ‘Dawn FM’ And He Adores It

This morning, The Weeknd announced that his new album is called Dawn FM and that it’s coming out this week, on January 7. Aside from the impending new music itself, perhaps the biggest takeaway from the news is the fact that Jim Carrey — who, like The Weeknd, is one of the biggest icons in Canadian entertainment history — features on the project. Now it appears the two listened to the upcoming album together yesterday and Carrey is a big fan of the project.

Carrey tweeted today, “I listened to Dawn FM with my good friend Abel @theweeknd last night. It was deep and elegant and it danced me around the room. I’m thrilled to play a part in his symphony. ;^•.” The Weeknd shared the tweet and added, “Thank you for being a part of this. It’s kismet. Full circle [single tear emoji].”


Carrey has had the occasional brush with the music industry over the course of his career. He has a couple of singles on Spotify: 2014’s “Pecan Pie,” which originated from a 2003 Michel Gondry short film of the same name (the song was released as a single after Carrey performed it on Saturday Night Live). There’s also 2013’s “Cold Dead Hand,” which he recorded with Eels as part of a Funny Or Die sketch in which Carrey portrays Charlton Heston.

He also had some international success with a couple of songs from his movies: 1995’s “Cuban Pete” from The Mask charted in Australia and the UK, while 1996’s “Somebody To Love” (a Jefferson Airplane cover from The Cable Guy) charted in Australia.