The ‘SNL’ Coast-To-Coast Live Era Kicked Off With Jimmy Fallon’s David Bowie Tribute Featuring Nile Rodgers

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04.15.17 2 Comments

When in doubt, Jimmy Fallon will sing and Jimmy Fallon will dance. Considering Fallon has a monologue almost every night on The Tonight Show, the powers that be at Saturday Night Live decided now was the time to bust out a choreographed number based around David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” featuring the Thin White Duke’s ’80s era guitarist Nile Rodgers. Studio 8H hasn’t felt this alive for weeks!

It was fun, but why Bowie? Why now?

It’s best to not ask questions when Jimmy Fallon is singing and dancing. He’s prone to doing that every now and then, and it’s best to just sit back and take it. Don’t think too hard, just enjoy the show.

This was Fallon’s first big production since he hosted the Golden Globes and opened that show with an incredible tribute to La La Land starring all of the nominees. This obviously wasn’t as intricate, but for the first live coast-to-coast show for Saturday Night Live, this was a hell of a way to kick off the show.

It also seemed like it went off without a hitch. That’s no small feat, but this is Jimmy Fallon: song and dance man, we’re talking about here. If you need one guy to pull this off on roughly a week of prep, it’s him.

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