John Legend Explains Why Not All Artists ‘Should Speak Out About Politics’

Kanye West’s presidential bid has been a big topic of conversation in recent days, and now John Legend appears to have addressed the situation.

Legend began a series of tweets last night by explaining why he believes not every artist needs to speak out about politics, writing, “Reporters always ask me if more artists should speak out about politics. I always say ummmmmm not necessarily. It ain’t for everybody. If you’re more comfortable just making bops, do that. We need that in our lives too! If you are going to speak out, try to do your homework. Read about it. Talk to activists and organizers and people impacted. Be open to evolution and changing your mind. Be intentional and strategic. And think about the impact of your words on the real lives of real people.”

He then seemed to more directly address the Kanye situation, discussing “the real world implications of rooting for a futile 3rd party bid” and how it’s important to have an impactful leader during these trying times:

“Part of an artist’s job is to imagine a different future. I appreciate the desire to break free from the strictures of the 2-party system in America, for instance. But you can’t divorce that conversation from the real world implications of rooting for a futile 3rd party bid. And the real world implications of electing (or reelecting) someone who doesn’t know how to run the government are particularly urgent and impactful in the middle of a pandemic that’s been so much more deadly due to an incompetent President.

This is not merely an intellectual exercise. It’s life and death.”

Find Legend’s tweets below.