John Legend And Muni Long’s Suggestive ‘Honey’ Video Oozes Sensuality

John Legend and Muni Long get sticky in the suggestive video for their new collaboration “Honey,” oozing sensuality in every frame. The video opens with John Legend waking up on the floor in an elegantly appointed but utterly wrecked music room amid the remains of the last night’s festivities. As he takes in the devastation, he notices honey dripping from beneath a framed portrait of Muni Long, peeling away the wallpaper to reveal a honeycomb and a hole in the wall, through which he watches the real Muni luxuriate in a bathtub full of, you guessed it, honey.

The song is John Legend’s second single of the year, following the groovy, upbeat “Dope,” which also features a rising artist in Atlanta tongue twister JID. It would seem that both singles are paving the way for Legend to release a follow-up to his 2020 album Bigger Love at some point. Legend recently wrapped up his 2021 tour for that album and as the consummate entertainer, doesn’t seem to be waiting around to unleash a new collection of loverly R&B tunes on the world.

Muni Long, meanwhile, is experiencing quite the breakout herself, garnering plenty of attention for her viral single “Hrs And Hrs” after it jumped from TikTok virality to the Billboard Hot 100. She’s also planning to release a project this year, a sequel to her star-making 2021 release Public Displays Of Affection.

Watch John Legend’s video for “Honey” featuring Muni Long above.