John Stamos Wore A Jonas Brothers Shirt In Public And Now He And Nick Jonas Are Escalating Things

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On the Fourth Of July last year, John Stamos joined the Beach Boys for their performance at A Capitol Fourth, an annual concert held at the Capitol Building in Washington DC. The day before that, he was rehearsing with the band, and he made the seemingly inconsequential decision to wear a Jonas Brothers T-shirt. (The Jonas Brothers, by the way, just had their first No. 1 single with “Sucker.”) Now, months later, that choice has evolved into an all-out Instagram trolling battle between him and Nick Jonas.

Jonas saw a photo of Stamos in his band’s shirt, and he decided it would be funny to have that picture printed on a shirt and wear it. Earlier this month, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in the shirt and captioned it, “It’s your move [John Stamos].”

That wasn’t a challenge that Stamos took lightly. Last Wednesday, he posted a photo of himself laying in bed, with his head resting on a pillow that had the photo Jonas posted on Instagram printed on it.

At this point, the pair seem to be having a pretty good time with whatever is going on here, and yesterday, Jonas took things to another level with his latest photo, which features himself also in bed, under a duvet cover which, as you may have guessed by now, featured the photo Stamos posted.

So, to recap, Jonas posted a photo of himself under a duvet cover, which features a photo of Stamos sleeping on a pillow, which features a photo of Jonas wearing a T-shirt, which features a photo of Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers T-shirt. Stamos has yet to respond to Jonas’ latest post, but if/when he does, it will be fascinating to see what sort of object he’ll have custom printed next.