Joyner Lucas Admits That The Cause Of His Beef With Logic Was That He Was ‘Jealous’

For the first time in nearly four years, Joyner Lucas and Logic reunited, teaming up for their track “Isis” off the former’s debut album, ADHD. The collaboration came after a long beef, which started when the rappers did not see eye to eye after a disagreement they had while working on Tech N9ne’s 2016 track “Sriracha.” Lucas stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he was asked about the origins of their feud.

“I think I was jealous of him,” Joyner said after Charlamagne Tha God asked him the question. “But I think… The reason why I say that, though, is because I felt like where he was at at the time is where I wanted to be so much.” He explained how Royce Da 5’9″ helped him patch things up with Logic. “I had called that man because I had an epiphany,” he said. “I had got to a certain place, in which people started expecting things of me. And people started expecting that I just do sh*t. People that I didn’t really know like that. And, I lost a lot of people and it clicked. I said everything that I accused this guy of or I was [jealous] of, it’s happening to me. I know how it feels and it sucks.”

Joyner also revealed what he said to Logic to heal the rift, saying, “I felt like I was jealous of you because you were doing everything I wanted to do. You were dope, you were lyrical. You was ripping down tours. You had all these relationships with all these artists that I loved and respected. And, I really idolized you and I didn’t even realize how much I did.”

You can watch Joyner’s conversation on The Breakfast Club above.