Jpegmafia Taps Denzel Curry For A Snappy Remix Of His Self-Deprecating Track ‘Bald’

Though Jpegmafia only recently released his record All My Heros Are Cornballs, the rapper isn’t slowing down any time soon. Since his album debuted, Peggy has released several stand-alone singles, including the tongue-in-cheek track “Bald.” But the rapper didn’t stop there. Jpegmafia has called on Denzel Curry to offer up a verse for a chipper remix of the single.

Curry’s verse interrupts Peggy’s blown-out instruments in favor of a clapping beat. “My life was written already so I was gifted already / And with this God-given talent I knew the Devil been met me / Can’t compare me to Jesus because he ain’t Noah’s father / He told me, ‘Please be still and see that steel is revolver,'” Curry raps.

This isn’t the first time the two rappers have joined forces. Peggy appeared on Curry’s 2018 track “Vengence | Vengence.” Later, the duo linked up and Curry appeared in a promotional video for Peggy’s recently-released record.

Ahead of the remix’s release, Peggy sat down with Talib Kweli for a recent interview on People’s Party. Peggy told Kweli that fans don’t understand the intricacies of producing music. “The touring we do, the work we put in — it’s not understood,” he said. “Even producing, it’s not a craft that’s appreciated right now. In 20 years, people might appreciate it, but [not] right now.”

Listen to “Bald (Remix)” above.