Two New Juice WRLD Singles, ‘Cigarettes’ And ‘Go Hard 2.0.’ Get The Anime Video Treatment

It’s almost astonishing to think of how much material the late Juice WRLD recorded before his death in December of 2019. The prolific Chicago rapper left behind plenty of material to be turned into awesome visuals like the ones for his new singles “Cigarettes” and Go Hard 2.0,” which both tap into Juice’s love for Japanese animation, or anime.

The video for “Cigarettes,” which you can watch above, takes a CGI approach, creating a colorful digital avatar of Juice that dances and emotes over the new track, which features a somber guitar riff backing Juice’s compliments toward a paramour who uplifts him in the midst of his addictions. The track was originally leaked in 2018 before being re-released today. It’s expected to appear the deluxe version of Juice’s new album Fighting Demons.

Meanwhile, below, you can check out the traditionally animated video for “Go Hard 2.0.” This dynamic, sci-fi accented short sees representations of some of Juice’s closest friends in the rap game working in a lab as he floats in a tube (some of their faces are blurred, suggesting that Juice’s label couldn’t get likeness clearances for them, but Lil Uzi Vert and Polo G are visible). When news of a meteor approaching the planet sounds an alarm, Uzi releases Juice to destroy the cosmic threat with some very Dragon Ball-ish powers. However, he also unleashes a musclebound alien with whom he engages in a battle royale. This song appears on the original version of Fighting Demons, which is out now via Grade A Productions and Interscope.