Juice WRLD Adds A Paranoid Verse To YNW Melly’s ‘Suicidal (Remix)’

When an artist dies, nearly all of their work becomes more precious, just due to the fact that they won’t be around to make more. A posthumous verse from a dearly departed superstar can also render pretty much any work worth hearing at least once.

Such is the case for YNW Melly’s “Suicidal (Remix),” which features a posthumous appearance from the late Juice WRLD. While it’s become harder to take YNW Melly seriously in the wake of learning how far he’s allegedly willing to go for publicity, by throwing Juice WRLD on the Melly Vs. Melvin standout, he ensures that at least a few curious listeners would be willing to check out the song.

While the slow-burning beat remains the same, Juice’s verse gives new life to the track. Indulging in the song’s paranoid vibe, Juice raps extensively about betrayal, drug use, and gun possession: “I’ve been balling on my own, shawty sipping fo’s / Pour it in a 20, make a strong shot, gripping poles.” It’s a little jarring, considering where both rappers eventually ended up: Juice recently passed due to an overdose, while Melly is currently on trial for allegedly shooting and killing two friends in a staged attack.

Check out Juice WRLD’s posthumous appearance on YNW Melly’s “Suicidal (Remix)” above.