Julien Baker’s ‘Turn Out The Lights’ Video Is A Fiery Chase Through The Wilderness

In just a few weeks, on October 27, Julien Baker will finally unveil her hotly anticipated second album Turn Out The Lights. She’s already given her fans a few offerings from that stunning work, and today has decided to pull the curtain back a little further by unveiling the video for that record’s title track.

The clip opens with a shot of Baker walking through the woods. The soft sounds of a guitar fill the relative silence as she stumbles upon a lit fuse sparking away on the forest floor. She walks after the fuse as it is dragged through gorgeous, pastoral fields, through a hay-lined barn, past a cornfield and out to piano that bursts into flames just as the gigantic chorus kicks in. It’s a powerful visual that syncs incredible well with the elegiac music.

Turn Out The Lights was recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. The studio is renowned for being the place where Big Star recorded all three of their incredible studio albums. It’s also notable for being the location where Led Zeppelin mixed their celebrated third record.

You can watch Baker’s “Turn Out The Lights” video above, and pre-order the record itself here.