Justin Vernon And Aaron Dessner’s Big Red Machine Project Is Now On Spotify

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In June, Justin Vernon, the Dessner brothers of The National, and other artists and other artists involved in the PEOPLE collective launched a new website that features a bunch of new music. One of the most noteworthy new bits of audio on the site is a project called Big Red Machine, which is a collaboration between Vernon and Aaron Dessner. Four songs — “Gratitude,” “Forest Green,” “Hymnostic,” and “Lyla” — were made available exclusively on the site, and now they’ve made their way onto other platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, the iTunes Store, and Deezer, as well as Youtube.

Vernon previously spoke about the project, saying that it really embodies the collaborative spirit of the PEOPLE platform and that more songs are planned to be released this summer:

“Big Red Machine is a PEOPLE thing. We’re gonna get some of our friends in the industry to help us spread the word and to distribute some of the vinyl maybe. There’re all these little tiny, minute questions that come in with a question like that, and I don’t know if people even realize that. I think there’re four songs out there now. We have a 10-song record that we’ll be spraying out throughout the rest of the summer. […]

This Big Red Machine thing is this PEOPLE energy, and that’s why it belongs there. And, I mean, there’re 40 or so collaborators on the thing. So, it’s just more realistic and it’s not so much, ‘Oh, who gets the king crown of making this album,’ or whatever.”

Stream the Big Red Machine songs here, or listen below. Revisit our interview with the Dessners about PEOPLE here.