Kanye West’s Domes Might Get Taken Down If He Doesn’t File The Proper Paperwork

Getty Image

While the world waits for news of Kanye West’s long-delayed album, Yandhi, Kanye has occupied himself with a number of side projects, from his fashion design to his Sunday Services to his mysterious architecture project, a group of Star Wars-inspired domes that represent his take on a futuristic housing solution that would help eliminate class divides. However, it seems even that project has become plagued with the usual legal chicanery that seems to follow the self-proclaimed visionary, according to TMZ.

It turns out that Kanye’s Calabasas neighbors aren’t quite as forgiving of the structures as his fans are of his odd political proclivities. Neighbors complained to the LA County Department Of Public Works that construction was taking place late at night, which prompted a visit from a Public Works inspector. Although the site manager was able to pass off the structures as temporary pieces of a “production” Kanye was working on, followup calls from neighbors regarding the noise from construction seemingly sparked a second look.

When the inspector noticed that the domes were erected on a concrete foundation, they determined that the project appeared more permanent than temporary and issued a directive for Kanye and his builders to submit plans for a building permit within 45 days. Otherwise, they can tear the structures down (or eat the fine, which, given Kanye’s prior money complaints, seems pretty unlikely). Though the site manager insisted that the concrete base was also temporary and needed for stability, the Dept. Of Public Works seems unmoved.

Although Kanye says the domes are just prototypes, it looks like his tendency to look before he leaps may cost him another passion project. Perhaps with one less thing off his plate, though, he’ll finally find the time to finish up the one people actually want: Although Kanye has teased tracks from Yandhi and a theme, it still doesn’t have a solid release date.