Kanye Is ‘Hand Producing’ All His New Albums From ‘The Sunken Place’

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The good news is that Kanye is still tweeting, referencing Get Out, and just announced that he will be releasing and producing a bevy of new albums. The bad news is that none of those albums seem to be called Turbo Grafx 16. Still, considering he just revealed that he’ll be producing a Teyana album set for release on 06/22, a Nas album on 06/15, a collaboration with Kid Cudi on 06/08, his solo record on 06/01, and a Pusha T album on 05/25, I’m willing to forgive the name change on his solo joint, whatever that turns out to be.

What we do know is that Kanye is claiming to be “hand producing” all of his new albums with samples he cuts out from the Sunken Place. This makes one wonder what parts of his body he used to produce his other music and what the sunken place means in this context? My guess is that it is a reference to music made by black artists for white-owned and controlled record labels which Kanye is liberating through re-interpretation? I guess we’ll see. We also got the name and cover art for the Cudi collaboration and it rules.


Kids See Ghosts is an awesomely cryptic name. Is it about actual spirits? Is it a reference to ghost writers? Only time will tell. The anime style interpretations of Cudi and Kanye harken back to Kanye’s brief time spent as a cartoon bear. Also, eagle-eyed viewers might recognize the flower with a face in the corner as the same flower from Super Mario Bros. that literally lets you spit hot fire. Much like Nicki Minaj’s recent Chun Li song, this further proves the relationship between hip-hop and video games is tighter and more relevant than ever. I remember a time when Yeezy season consisted of an album release, maybe a new pair of shoes. But with five albums in thirty days it looks like Yeezy season is starting earlier and ending later every year. Blame it on climate change if you must but the fact remains: Kanye is backer than he’s ever been.