Kanye West Says Chance The Rapper Is To Blame For ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Delay During His Latest Twitter Rant

Kanye West fans have been waiting since Thursday for ‘Ye to release the official, CD quality release of his new album The Life of Pablo. Perhaps not surprisingly – considering he gave the album four different names in the lead-up to its release – Kanye has spent that time tinkering with the album and tweeting insanity instead.

As you can see in the modified artwork up top, Kanye blames the TLOP delay on Chance The Rapper. ‘Ye’s fellow Chicagoan had a stellar guest verse on the album’s opening track “Ultra Light Beams” but it was another track which failed to make Kanye’s tracklist that’s causing the hold-up:

Of course, that’s a handy dodge for someone who has spent the last day attacking Media Takeout on Twitter and raving about Tron.

First, the anti-MTO rant:

Note: by “a lot of people,” he might mean the three Kanyes he sees when he stands in front of his mirror arrangement. That’s an allegation, by the way. Not a proper observation.

Apparently, MTO read into some photos of Kanye and friends and found some context that wasn’t there. On the night of what he no doubt considers to be his greatest achievement, the gossip blog was there to tear into him. And that didn’t sit well with ‘Ye.

Of course, fans didn’t particularly care.

And Kanye quickly turned to ranting about more important things, like the ending of Tron.

Yep. Yeezy took a break from working on the album the world is waiting on to watch an old sci-fi movie. In the words of one of the songs that may or may not be on the album by the time this is all over, that is “so Kanye.”