Kanye West Is Highly Unimpressed With Melissa McCarthy’s ‘SNL’ Promos

Kanye West is the musical guest on this week’s SNL with host Melissa McCarthy and it’s likely going to be a “must watch” type of show. McCarthy has been a great guest in the past and West is pretty much all over the news at the moment thanks to The Life Of Pablo ready to hit release and his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show just finished up.

But given all of that, he doesn’t seem to be too excited to even be involved in this week’s show. All eyes will be on him and he’s just typical Kanye during this promo — likely a work, but who knows. We live in Kanye’s world and he’s feeding us exactly how he wants to do so. Plus he’s saving all of this excitement for Twitter, clearly:



He’s got video games on the brain, so TRON is not a shock. If we don’t get a Kanye West remake of TRON in a psuedo Michael Jackson, Moonwalker video, I’ll now be disappointed. Or maybe he can perform in a TRON costume tonight, with TRON guy alongside him or Melissa McCarthy in a TRON costume.

It really is going to be the best SNL of the season, isn’t it?

(Via SNL)