Kanye West Releases The Once-Shelved Video For ‘Spaceship’ Over 15 Years After Its Creation

As he has done time and time again, Kanye West shook the internet Friday with a plethora of announcements, from a new 10-year partnership between Gap and his Yeezy Supply brand to a new animated Kids See Ghost cartoon with Kid Cudi. The new announcements and releases were all a part of his “West Day Ever,” and while the bulk of the news arrived during the day on Friday, he saved another release for that evening: the release of his once-shelved “Spaceship” video.

The “Spaceship” video, which dates back to 2004, finds Kanye ironically working as a Gap employee. Giving the bare minimum to his retail job, to the disappointment of his manager, Kanye constantly daydreams about a better life that does not involve folding a stack of jeans for minimum wage. Also featured on the song are GLC and Consequence. The former plays another Gap employee, who spends much of his time in the break room with a coworker, while the latter plays a customer who also reminisces about his struggle, all while another female customer gets taken out of the store for failed attempt at theft.

It was also revealed that Kanye’s upcoming album, Jesus Is King II, which is produced by Dr. Dre, would arrive in the near future. Soon after a video emerged, via Snoop Dogg, of West and Dr. Dre working on the album in a studio. “Kanye West got some hot sh*t. Only I can get exclusive footage. Shut up,” Snoop said in the video. “Kanye West got some hot sh*t. It’s finna come out. Dr. Dre touched it.”

You can watch the “Spaceship” video here.