An Old Clip Of Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Has Resurfaced, And Fans Are Shocked To Hear Her Accent

Kanye West and wife Bianca Censori are often in the news for one reason or another, usually for something having to do with showing too much skin in public. Ye also frequently raises eyebrows with things he says, but we don’t hear Censori speak all that often. So, people were surprised by her voice when an old video of her talking recently made the rounds online.

As TMZ notes, the video sees Censori, for the 2022 CFS Summit in Paris, discussing her work as an architectural designer for Yeezy. The clips runs for nearly two minutes, and in it, Censori speaks plainly about her job, but it’s not what she says that has generated interest, but how she says it: with an Australian accent, as she’s originally from Melbourne.

Some were surprised to hear Censori speak, like one X (formerly Twitter) user who said, “That’s the first clip of her actually speaking I think anyone has found. Thats not what I expected.” Others didn’t understand the big deal, like another user who wrote, “Publicly known she’s Australian < Public surprised she has Aussie accent.”

As OK! notes, another commenter said, “Oh, she sounds normal. The L.A. valley girl uptalk has gotten to her a bit, but aside from that she sounds normal.” Somebody else said she sounds like “a typical Melbourner.”