The Ladies Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Keep Their Tampon Farm Thriving In Their Country-Inspired Music Video

Kate McKinnon showed off her comedy, acting, and musical prowess on tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. In addition to her amazing opening monologue, McKinnon delivered a catchy anthem celebrating menstruation and its vital accessories.

In a new music video, McKinnon brought viewers down to a special farm. Channeling country singers like The Chicks, Mckinnon was joined by fellow SNL actresses Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig, as they all made tampons on a special tampon farm.

Now, if you’re confused about the happenings of a tampon farm, McKinnon and the ladies break it down for us by way of a certified country-pop banger.

“Tampon fur / women making cotton / cotton for the tampons / tampons for the blood / tampon fur / women with guitars are singing to the tampons / tampon fur / Sun makes the fires / she hands load the fibers / into little things of plastic / to go in a jean and the moon makes the menses / and the menses makes the fibers / and they sing,” sings McKinnon on the song’s chorus.

Throughout the clip, many of the ladies of SNL make appearances, including Chloe Fineman, and the musical guest of the night, Billie Eilish. Fans may also catch SNL writer Paula Pell, who is also known as Gloria on Girls5EVa.

You can see the music video above.