Kendrick Lamar Didn’t Wait For Drake To Answer And Came Back With Another Diss Track, ‘6:16 In LA’

In case you missed it (somehow), Kendrick Lamar and Drake are beefing right now. In March, Lamar went after Drake (and J. Cole) on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.” Last month, Drake responded with “Push Ups,” and a few days ago, Lamar fired back with “Euphoria.”

It’s Drake’s turn, but Lamar decided to skip the line and go again: Today (May 3), he dropped another Drake diss, “6:16 In LA.”

On the track, Lamar implies that people in Drake’s camp aren’t loyal to him, with lines like, “Have you ever thought that OVO is working for me,” “Everyone inside your team is whispering that you deserve it,” “If you was street smart, you woulda caught your entourage is only to hussle you,” “100 guy that you got on salary, and 20 of them want you as the casualty,” and “It’s time you look around and see who’s really around you.”

Notably, the song’s title follows the same format as Drake’s famous timestamp songs.

This comes shortly after Rick Ross advised Drake to not respond to “Euphoria,” saying, “He may not even heard this yet but look, white boy: I know we not friends, but let me give you this advice because you ain’t got nobody around you, you ain’t got no real n****s around you. Let me put it like that: ain’t no real n****s. Stop. Don’t respond. Don’t respond. You ain’t even peep when the intro came on with that Teddy Pendergrass, that was that Black vibe. Don’t do it. Don’t go write an 8-minute verse.”

Listen to “6:16 In LA” above.