Kendrick Lamar’s PgLang Signs Tanna Leone And Shares His First Single, ‘With The Villains’

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s new endeavor PgLang is rolling after the company’s initial launch was met with mostly confusion about what the company is and what it does. As it turns out, the answer is: “a little bit of everything.” Early last year, PgLang produced a Calvin Klein campaign, then released Kendrick’s cousin Baby Keem’s debut album, The Melodic Blue. This year, it was reported that PgLang would be teaming up with the creators of South Park to produce a comedy film, although that news was met with skepticism from fans due to its questionable premise.

However, the company’s next move may end up being more well-received as it returns to Kendrick’s area of expertise, music, in signing its third rapper, LA native Tanna Leone. To introduce the newcomer, PgLang posted a video interview covering some of the basics about the 24-year-old, like his birthday, favorite color, and favorite quote. The promising young rapper also dropped his first single with the label, “With The Villains,” along with his first music video. Check it out below. Tanna Leone is currently supporting Baby Keem’s tour, which runs through April 18 in San Francisco.

While Baby Keem’s debut was released in partnership with Columbia, Tanna’s will apparently be supported by Def Jam, instead. In a statement, new Def Jam CEO Tunji Balogun said, “We’re excited to welcome Tanna Leone and pgLang to the Def Jam family as valued partners. I’m lucky to have been able to connect with Kendrick and Dave during the early stages of my career as friends and collaborators, and I’m thrilled to be able to extend that relationship here at Def Jam. Tanna is a dynamic and multi-talented new voice and we’re honored to be a part of his development and success.”