Powered By Her Incredible Comeback Record ‘Rainbow’, Kesha Is Crowned The Top Artist In The Country

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A couple of years ago, it seemed like a real possibility that we might never hear any new music from Kesha again. Fast-forward to today, and after all the legal disputes, personal trauma, and incredibly difficult work on her part, she has a brand new number one album, Rainbow, to her name and has been crowned by Billboard as the top musical act in the U.S. Kesha managed to unseat Bruno Mars who has held down the top spot for a staggering six weeks running.

With sales equivalent to 117,000, Rainbow didn’t just squeak into the top spot either, it demolished the competition. Kesha celebrated the milestone with a heartfelt note on Instagram. “I can’t even,” she wrote. “I am so grateful and so lucky and at a loss for words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There were many days that my music was simply a coping tool, for my emotions. PLEASE GOD I hope anyone reading this knows that they also have the power to turn emotion into art and reach the world. If I can, you can. And thank you animals, for believing this day would come again for me, and making it happen. SO MUCH LOVE I CANT EVEN RIGHT NOW.”


Congratulations Kesha, you earned the hell out of this.