Kevin Abstract’s Chaotic ‘Blanket’ Video Sets The Tone For His Latest Era

At the start of the year, Kevin Abstract set the bar high for his solo pursuits outside of Brockhampton. He told GQ that he wanted to “put an album out this summer” and hinted at a tour as well as interest in dipping into film and television. In September, Abstract kept teasing with a trailer for “Blanket” and his first solo performance in six years.

On Wednesday, October 4, Abstract dropped “Blanket” alongside a video he co-directed with Cole Bat. The acoustic-driven, hushed song underscores an ominous plot, as Abstract is in a house in the middle of nowhere, alone in a dark living room, cradling a creepy baby doll and sitting alongside two cartoonish monsters.

They’re all watching the news, which shows apocalyptic meteors are plummeting toward Earth. That makes Abstract visibly anxious. He bobs his knee, sighs deeply, and looks down at his baby doll when one of the monsters flips the channel to show a disturbing cartoonish man with bulging eyes.

At the same time, the song’s tempo picks up. We hear someone whispering, “I thought these things about me were temporary,” and Abstract sings in the same whispered tone about memories.

Meanwhile, shots cut back and forth from Abstract with a chainsaw in the vast field and Abstract amid a group hug from his oversized monsters. By the end, Abstract drives off in a tractor as the meteors streak across the sky.

Watch the “Blanket” video above.