Key Glock Affirms His Commitment To Chasing Bags In The Luxurious ‘I Be’ Video

When it comes to rap, money is the motive for many. Awards, acclaim, and lists are cool, but the pursuit of poses drives most of the biggest acts. Key Glock lives this reality to the fullest in his new video for “I Be.” Whether it be beautiful women counting up his stacks or adding more to his plate after big wins in poker, there is no shortage of cash in this visual. Key Glock raps with calculated confidence as he reflects on all he does in his life to keep the bags flowing. If the video doesn’t make it clear enough, the bars certainly add to the narrative.

The 24-year-old follows behind a lineage of Memphis rappers with similar wealth goals, dropping this visual off just weeks after his latest single “Diapers.” 2022 also saw Glock share “Pain Killers,” “Proud,” and the deluxe version of Yellow Tape 2, which added 10 songs to the original 2021 iteration of the album. The young rapper also showed what he could do alongside a seasoned veteran that same year, joining forces with the late Young Dolph for Dum And Dummer 2.

With his work rate, it may be possible another project is coming before the year ends.

Check out Glock’s “I Be” video above.