Kid Cudi Is In The Third Season Of ‘Westworld’ And Fans Are Sharing Excited Reactions

A few days ago, Kid Cudi said that he has new music coming out next year, and that he wants to take time to do things beyond music as well, writing, “New music next year!! Gonna work the rest of this year. In no rush to do anything right now. I dont drop albums every year anymore. Gotta give myself time to do other things. And relax!” He added in another tweet, “It’ll all make sense soon,” and sure enough, now we know at least part of what he was talking about: HBO shared a new trailer for the third season of Westworld, and Cudi is in it.

The moment lasts for about a second, beginning just before the one-minute mark: Aaron Paul, who is also in the new season, is in a glass-walled room, looking at somebody stand up off camera. That person is Cudi, who is wearing an orange jumpsuit as he puts his hand on the wall that separates them.

Once Cudi’s fans heard that he was in the trailer, they started posting about their excitement online, with some saying they’re instant fans of the show, and others insisting that Cudi’s role will make the ending of Game Of Thrones easier to deal with. Cudi himself even shared a pair of fan reactions:

Watch the new Westworld trailer above, and check out more reactions to Cudi’s appearance below.