King Von’s Posthumous ‘Get It Done’ Music Video Is Unveiled For What Would’ve Been His 28th Birthday

Tuesday, August 9 would’ve been the late rapper King Von‘s 28th birthday. In honor of the hip-hop icon, his estate has unveiled a music video, “Get It Done,” featuring OMB Peezy from his posthumous album What It Means to Be King.

Directed by 20K Visuals, it follows other posthumous videos, like “Don’t Play That,” “Too Real,” “Demon,” “Armed & Dangerous,” “Mine Too,” and “Wayne’s Story.” As per usual, the “Get It Done” video has lots of fire, strobes, cash, and scenes with cars. Mostly it watches King Von and OMB Peezy rapping alongside one another.

In Uproxx‘s 2020 interview with King Von, which was conducted just days before he was killed, the rapper discussed the making of his music videos. “It be fun when you putting together the ideas but then when it’s time to make it, I be mad as hell, that I put together all this,” he said. “It’s tiring, man. We would get it out in one day. Sometimes it would drag over to the next day, if that was the plan, but if it was that day, we would just punch the hours in. We out five o’clock in the morning damn near.”

Watch the video for “Get It Done” above.