Kodak Black Deleted His Instagram After Backlash Over A Derogatory ‘Black Women’ Comment

Kodak Black is facing severe criticism for some comments he made during an Instagram Live stream, specifically, when he said outright that he “doesn’t like black girls.” You can watch a clip of the livestream below:

While this kind of colorism is nothing new, it’s disappointing to watch yet another young rapper spew this kind of sentiment. At the very least, the kid has to realize that his mother is black, her mother was black, and should he have daughters, they’ll be black too; the kind of overarching comment about black women is not just derogatory, it’s a form of internalized self-hate.

Following the stream of comments clapping back, Kodak posted another expletive-filled video before deleting his account:


“One thing about me, dog, you ain’t just gonna be dissing me, you ain’t gonna be dissing me under my comments or none of that sh*t,” he said. “Cause b*tch, I’m gonna clap back. Hoes, n****s, whatever. I’m gonna knock your whole melon off. Don’t even comment on my sh*t with that f*ck sh*t, Whatever you talking about black women. B*tch, f*ck you! I only like redbones. I love black African-Americans. But I don’t like black b*tches. I like yellow hoes. So, that’s my preference, so motherf*ck you. Period.”

Following further backlash to this, the negative reaction was so strong that Kodak then closed down his whole account.

Kodak is currently facing charges of sexual assault and battery. Since coming to prominence, he pleaded no contest to charges of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of cannabis, and fleeing from officers, and under a plea agreement was to be placed on house arrest for one year — which he violated.

Black is currently on five years probation, has been tasked to perform community service as required, and to also take anger management classes, which he was kicked out of for excessive burping.