Kyle’s Wistful ‘What It Is’ Video Is A Brokenhearted Love Letter To An Ex

Ventura, California rapper Kyle is back with more soul-searching music after a long hiatus. “What It Is” is Kyle’s latest single after taking a break in the wake of his debut album Light Of Mine and his Super Duper Tour in 2018. Since then, he debuted his animated sketch comedy show Sugar And Toys, released two singles in preparation of his new album, “YES!” featuring Rich The Kid and K Camp and “F You I Love You” with Teyana Taylor, and hosted a virtual prom for the class of 2020.

The video for “What It Is,” directed by Jakob Owens, sees a forlorn Kyle recording his new song in a beach house as a love letter to an ex who departed in the opening scene. He wanders from empty room to empty room pondering the lyrics before setting up his recording software and cutting loose. The video ends with both Kyle and his ex, who has parked her car along the coast to watch the sunset, looking up at a skywriter’s message in the clouds: “See you when I’m famous.” Could this be the title of Kyle’s upcoming project? It looks like we’ll find out soon, according to a press release for the video in which the rapper details his new album:

So where do I start… I initially was going to wait until after the pandemic to release any of the songs I made for this album. I made this album to be enjoyed outside in the sun in the company of friends, but it seems we may not be outside for some time, and you (my fans) need this music now more than ever. I was so afraid of COVID-19 keeping me from having smash hit songs that I was gonna push it ‘till next year. I feel this enormous pressure to deliver chart-topping songs every time and somewhere down the line I’ve convinced myself it’s what you (my fans) want from me too, but that was never my mission in the first place. I came to Earth to make feel-good music to make you happy when times are tough. Well, times are pretty tough, and people need some sunshine. I’m putting the cape back on. I’ve shed the fear of not having commercial success and replaced it with the mission of not leaving m fans high and dry in their time of need. So, I’ve decided to continue with my album roll out and I’ll be dropping a new song next Monday (my birthday). Hopefully, it can help you build an endless world as big as the great outdoors in your mind. You’re not alone. I’m with you.

Watch Kyle’s “What It Is” video above.

Kyle is a Warner Music artist. .