Looks Like Lana Del Rey Casually Announced Her Plan To Join Witches Hexing Donald Trump

Last night Lana Del Rey followed up her recent new single “Love” and accompanying cosmic video, with a promise that “ingredients” will be popping up online on various dates in the future. “At the stroke of midnight Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23 ❤️ Ingredients can b found online ?,” she wrote.

What does it mean? Has she shifted from pop star to baker? That seems highly unlikely, in fact what seems way more likely is that Lana is getting ready to dabble in some serious hexing, along with the rest of the witch community around the world. Hey, with Lana’s seriously spiritual vibes it kind of makes sense. And there’s something of the occult in the pose of her hands in the photo above. Here’s some fan’s speculating on the idea:

As one particularly witchraft-woke fan pointed out, the dates that Lana shared are the exact same ones involved in a ritual that witches around the world are reportedly using to hex America’s president, Donald Trump:

Given the fact that the dates are exactly the same as the ones she tweeted — minus the June date — and she mentioned “ingredients,” which are also required for hexes, this seems like the best bet as far as what Lana is talking about. Sadly, another song may just have to wait. Or hey, maybe she’ll drop new singles to correspond with the spiritual vibes.

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