Latto’s ‘Big Energy’ Remix With Mariah Carey And DJ Khaled Brings Mariah’s ‘Fantasy’ Into The Mix

Since Latto released her hit single, “Big Energy,” she’s been steadily climbing the Billboard charts, and the song helped anchor her second album, 777, which officially dropped on Friday. And along with the album release, Latto has been teasing an updated remix to “Big Energy,” and with the promo around teasing the upcoming feature, Latto almost got sucked into drama between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, but she skillfully sidestepped by letting everyone know she unequivocally supports both women.

Instead, she finally let fans know for sure on Friday that it was none other than Mariah Carey who had been tapped for the new version of the song, which just dropped and you can hear it above. The very prominent sample on this track is taken from Tom Tom Club’s 1981 single, “Genius Of Love,” and the sample was made incredibly popular by Mariah’s own hit, “Fantasy.” So it’s also not surprising that the “Big Energy” remix, which also features DJ Khaled, is the most logical interpolation of both hits. Mariah contributes lots of whistle notes to the intro of the song, while Latto raps her initial verse, and then Mariah launches into the first verse of “Fantasy.”

It’s kind of like the best of both worlds when it comes to the two hits, and probably destined for some chart success of its own.