Latto And Lu Kala Lay Down The Rules Of The Game On Their New Single, ‘Lottery’

Latto is back with another dance floor anthem. On her latest track, “Lottery,” she lays down the law with persistent men, reminding them that she only accepts advances with the stroke of luck.

Joined by singer Lu Kala as the two sing and rap over a groovy, disco-inspired beat, the pair display magical musical chemistry, while delivering an early contender for the song of summer.

“If I let you put your hands all over me / If I let you unwrap all this in the sheets / If I tell you all my dirty fantasies / You won the lottery, you won the lottery,” sings Lu Kala on the song’s chorus.

On the song, Latto delivers scorching verses, rife with lottery puns, spinning off the rules of the game.

“I need a real boss / Somebody who don’t care what the bill cost / Smooth skin, thick thighs, you can feel on / If he hit this then he hit the Mega Million / Play him like a scratch-off, if he gettin’ lucky / Jackpot, baby, if I ever let you touch me,” she raps.

While this continues a hot streak of bangers for Latto, Lu Kala, who has been putting out music since 2018, is looking forward to seeing where this inevitable hit takes her.

“Get ready to see this Black Pop Stars face everywhere!!!,” said Kala in a tweet ahead of the song’s release.

You can listen to “Lottery” above.