LCD Soundsystem Is Back After Nearly A Decade With Their New Album ‘American Dream’

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When LCD Soundsystem debuted several new songs on Saturday Night Live back in May, it was apparent, the Brooklyn band had a new album on the way for the first time in seven long years. Soon after, American Dream was officially announced and the anticipation began to hit a fever pitch. They released several new singles, hit the road doing press and sure enough, the group is finally back with a new 10-track album, officially ending the hiatus.

While they may have broken up just to spite a Madison Square Garden promoter who tried to saddle them with a “big name” opening act to sell out a show, David Bowie of all people is responsible for the reunion and frontman James Murphy swears they band won’t ever break up again. “For the rest of my life, now matter what happens in this band, we’ll never ‘break up’ again,” he told Vulture last week. “One day we’ll just stop making music, but no one is going to say a f*cking word about it ahead of time.”

So LCD Soundsystem is back, and from the looks of it they’re here to stay so fans won’t have to wait nearly a decade between releases again.

Stream LCD Soundsystem’s new album American Dream below.