Leikeli47 Turns A Man Into Her Latest Accessory In Her Blinged-Out ‘LL Cool J’ Video

Leikeli47 has always played it mysterious and her new video, “LL Cool J,” offers no exceptions to her cryptic demeanor. In fact, the masked rapper doesn’t even appear in the greyscale video, opting to cede the spotlight to a variety of models decked out in glimmering ensembles reflecting the song’s theme: Ladies Love Cool Jewelry. Of course, she could very well be in the video and we’d be unlikely to know — that’s her whole deal, after all.

Lyrically, the song finds Leikeli pursuing a man before turning him into her latest accessory. “And to you silly hoes out here still tryna linger / You can’t find him, ’cause I got him wrapped around my finger,” she boasts. The effect is something like that of a gritty appreciation song, similar to MC Lyte’s 1993 hit single “Ruffneck.” It’s a departure from the sort of independent woman or gold digger anthems that have proliferated over the last couple of years, and it’s pretty refreshing, representing a more accessible sound from the usually dance-centric Leikeli47.

The new track is set to appear on LK47’s upcoming album, Shape Up, from which she previously shared the singles “BITM” and “Chitty Bang.” It’ll be her first new album since 2018’s Acrylic, and is due on April 15 via Hardcover and RCA.

Watch Leikeli47’s “LL Cool J” video above.