Lil Baby’s Two New Songs, ‘Crazy’ & ‘350,’ Are The Perfect Gift For Fans Before 2023 Ends

The holiday gift exchange came ever for Lil Baby fans. After their unwavering support this year, especially following his It’s Only Us Tour hiccups, the “Pepper” rapper decided to treat them to a special two-pack single today. Both “Crazy” and “350” serve as the perfect way to wrap up Lil Baby’s year in a nice bow.

On “Crazy,” which was co-produced by Money Musik, Hoops, and Str8cash, Lil Baby takes out his frustrations on the beat, showing that he’s a fighter who won’t give up his spot in the game. “No matter how hard it can get / That boy on the top of the list / I put up a wall and block all of this sh*t / Stay on my feet, I can’t fall a lil bit / They killed my man, we was all a lil sick / Tryna get to a point where we all can get rich / Go all the way, ain’t no stoppin’ this sh*t,” raps Lil Baby.

But the CamYouAFool-produced “350,” Lil Baby seemingly responds to users’ online claims that he dissed his past collaborator Gunna at a recent show. “I’ma keep this sh*t a buck for me, nobody gotta praise me / Why you ask to borrow petty money without no intention to pay me? / I been really on some whole other sh*t as of lately / I know one day it’s gon’ hit me, bro ain’t never comin’ back / Ain’t never say nothin’ ’bout it, n****, you know you a rat / If I was f*cked up, I would’ve been a pimp, I’m rich, so I be payin’ ’em,” Baby raps.

Listen to both songs above.

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