Lil Baby Delivered An Emotional Performance Of ‘Forever’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

In his second performance of the night, Lil Baby brought an emotional performance of his song, “Forever,” to the Saturday Night Live stage.

During the performance, Lil Baby was dressed in all black, joined by a pianist, who played flawless notes while Lil Baby rapped the melodic It’s Only Me standout. Though the song’s collaborator, Fridayy, who sings on the chorus, wasn’t present during the performance, Lil Baby’s stage presence matched the energy of the hook.

Over the years, Baby’s sound has evolved greatly, and last year’s It’s Only Me cemented him as one of rap’s best acts in the game right now. Albeit a rap superstar, whose career trajectory is only proving that he’s destined for longevity, Baby revealed in a profile for New York Times that he will never forget who and what he’s doing it all for — his hometown of Atlanta.

“The main thing that I do still keep with me from Atlanta, when I go everywhere, is me,” he said. “My upbringing, my manners, my way of thinking, my way of living. Everything comes from Atlanta. No matter where I go, I’ll never be able to get distance from Atlanta.”

You can check out the performance above.