Lil Baby Rocked Out In A Performance Of ‘California Breeze’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Tonight (January 28), rapper Lil Baby made his debut on Saturday Night Live. He took to the stage for a performance of “California Breeze” from his third studio album, It’s Only Me.

During his performance, Lil Baby was dressed in a luxurious green vest with matching pants. The rapper was joined by several instrumentalists, including a keyboardist and an electric guitarist, giving the song a rock-style sound. Colorful lights surrounding the stage added to the performance’s electrifying feel.

It’s Only Me reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 upon its release last October, and was one of the most streamed albums of 2022. Even having accomplished these remarkable feats, making albums comes as second nature to Lil Baby.

In a recent interview with XXL, Baby revealed that he doesn’t see himself as competing with anyone in the rap game. He prefers to go with his own flow and let the music speak for itself.

“I’m the only person where I’m like I’m tryna outdo, ya feel me? he said. “..I just know to do what I suppose to do and it just like always happens for me that way, feel me? I’ll outdo myself with no problem.”

You can check out the performance above.