Lil Bibby Claims Juice WRLD Was Signed Up For Rehab Just Before His Death

Last December marked one year since the tragic death of Juice WRLD, who passed away after having a seizure from overdosing on prescription pills. Immediately following the rapper’s death, many pointed to the dangerous proliferation of drug use in the music industry. Lil Bibby, who signed Juice to his Grade A Productions label, recalls the difficulty of getting him to realize the harmful affects of his drug use.

Bibby recently sat down with Vlad TV for an interview about his music and relationship to Juice. After Vlad asked his and Juice’s experience with rehab, Bibby revealed that they had gotten him signed up prior to his passing. “We already had him signed up for rehab,” he said. “He agreed to go—because that was like pulling teeth with him.”

Bibby also described how concerned he was about Juice’s drug use at the time, saying he alerted his label and team:

“Like I said, he was talking one and a half pills. I thought that was crazy. Because all of my homies, they only take one or one-half. So one and a half compared to one half, I’m looking at him like, ‘Bro, what the f*ck?’ But then, I found out that he was doing like, four pills — the Percocets. So I get to freaking out. I get to telling everybody, ‘Man, look. We gotta send this kid to rehab.’ I’m freaking out, I’m telling everybody from the label, I’m telling everybody because I’m thinking, ‘That’s a lot.’”

Bibby also revealed how Juice responded to their intervention: “We found out he was doing more than four, like a week before he passed. I ain’t going to say the number, but it was a lot. That was the final straw. He didn’t have a choice at this point. […] He said, ‘Alright, I’ll go. But I’m not stopping. I’ll lower my doses, but I like doing it too much.”

Watch Lil Bibby’s poignant interview with Vlad TV above.