Lil Nas X Said He Can’t Reveal How He Got Kanye To Produce His New Single ‘Industry Baby’

In a new interview with Youtuber Kerwin Frost, Lil Nas X does what he does best — creates hype. Though we already knew that Kanye had been involved with Nas X’s latest single, “Industry Baby,” as a producer on the record, we don’t know how the two got involved. And when Frost tries to ask the young rapper about how the connection went down, he refuses to reveal it! Of course, only making everyone that much more curious.

“How did that happen? I actually can’t tell you,” Nas begins (around 25:10 if you want to follow along in the interview). “I can’t, not yet at least. It’s just like a thing, you want to protect connections. We talked, he’s a pretty cool guy, super down to earth. He’s super talented. He showed me some stuff. He’s working on some great music. It’s nice to work with somebody who’s done that for so long, so much longevity and still going. And like constantly evolving. Not even just evolving, but completely changing into something else… he’s also doing something different and new. Over and over and over again recreating himself.”

Well, that does keep it pretty cryptic, but maybe what Nas can’t reveal yet is that he has more new music coming with Kanye. Or maybe a third party introduced them and and song with all three artists is coming soon. Either way, working with Kanye is another feather in Lil Nas X cap, and while he’s readying his debut album, odds are there will be plenty more dramatic moments along the way.

Check out the full interview above.