Months After Declaring He’s ‘Too P*ssy’ For Tattoos, Lil Nas X Got His First One While Screaming In Agony

Lil Nas X is often seen performing which much of his body exposed, which has made it clear that he doesn’t have any tattoos. He addressed that back in June, tweeting, “the reason i don’t have tattoos yet is nothing philosophical or deep i am simply just too p*ssy.” Now the rapper has apparently overcome his fear and gotten his first tattoo… although it looks like he didn’t have a great time with the process.

Last night (November 17), Nas wrote on Instagram, “juh got my first tattoo.” Attached to the post are many photos. The first is of Nas getting the tattoo, screaming in pain with his left fist in the air as the tattoo artist sports a shocked expression and works on his other wrist. Elsewhere in the gallery are pics of the tattoo itself and what it’s of: an alternate version of the Aries symbol that he used during his Montero album rollout.

Based on the timing and what’s going on in the background of some of the photos, it appears he got the ink at Barcelona’s Sant Jordi Club where he was performing that night, either before or after the show.

Check out the new ink above.