Lil Nas X And Gordon Ramsay Collabed On Some Delicious Looking Paninis

Getty Image

Lil Nas X has seemingly made collabed with every middle-aged white celebrity on the planet, andt he’s added another to the growing list.

The “Old Town Road” rapper met up with MasterChef host Gordon Ramsay while he was in the UK for a performance at Glastonbury. Ramsay isn’t a musician (that we know of), but he’s got his own area of expertise, and shared his chef’s knowledge with Lil Nas X. The two made some grilled sandwiches in honor of the rapper’s new single “Panini.”

The whole saga of how they met is chronicled on Lil Nas X’s Twitter. On Monday, the rapper inquired about the possibility of meeting Ramsay. “teach me how to make paninis while i’m still london,” Lil Nas X tweeted the chef. Ramsay responded to him within minutes, asking the rapper to “name the day.”

Lil Nas X played coy, teasing on Wednesday morning that someone big was about to “hop on panini.” The tweet was a little misleading, as Ramsay hopped on the panini press, but it was still a good way to stoke anticipation.

The sandwiches they made together look delicious. Ramsay is a known grouch, but Lil Nas X managed to bring a smile out of him. Now all that’s left to do is convince him to record a verse for the “Panini” remix. Twitter, do your thing.