Will Lil Nas X Drop A Remix Of Nicki Minaj’s ‘FTCU?’

Nicki Minaj’s latest album, Pink Friday 2, has awakened the inner Barb in users online. With the “Cowgirl” rapper’s forthcoming world tour slated to kick off next year, supporters are trying to memorize the lyrics to the 24 songs and remixes shared on the body of work and Gag City deluxe version.

But fans believe, as she’s hinted, there is still more music to come. Although it doesn’t appear Minaj’s verse on “New Body” will make it to streaming services, supporters are turning their attention to another collaboration. Will Lil Nas X drop a remix of Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” is now the question at the top of their minds. The answer is: maybe.

Today (December 15), the former Barb fan account manager took to his official X (formerly Twitter) to share a tease freestyle he recorded over the ATL Jacob-produced instrumental.

“We gone f*ck that club up / We gone throw some dubs up / If you broke, ain’t got no money, n**** shut the f*ck up / Shout out Miss Onika Tonya, that’s my mama, that’s on God / If you f*cking up the club, hit up Nas Maraj / I am in and in and out of town, ATL underground I stay in the South, been in Houston mo’ than Bobby Brown / F*ck this society, I do things in my way / It’s Onika and Lil Nassy, it’s a Pink-er Friday,” raps Lil Nas X.

Who knows if the pair will ever officially link, but for now, fans will hold on to the “FTCU” Nas Maraj mix for as long as they can.